Newton Operator 

The concept owner FIRST Scandinavia are looking to attract partnership with a National Operating Partner (NOP) in x-country.


The partnership gives the NOP the opportunity to become part of a growing, strong and proven concept. The NOP will be first line of contact, and responsible for the proliferation of Newton Rooms in the respective country, and establishing partnership with a national quality assurance institution for quality assurance of Newton modules developed in the country.

The NOP will be able to use the Newton brand in order to attract investors and sponsorships from industry partners or government. The NOP will pay an annual fee per Newton Room to FIRST Scandinavia, the owner of the concept. FIRST Scandinavia will deliver all marketing material and templates, first-class services such as room design plans, interior and furniture plans. The NOP will use the website platform developed and designed by FIRST Scandinavia, and will be responsible for updating the local country site.


FIRST Scandinavia is responsible for building and maintaining the Newton brand. The cooperation with NOP is essential in this respect. The NOP will have the responsibility to ensure the quality in the national Newton Rooms, and that the Newton Rooms evaluate and report according to the standards.


A national Newton network shall be established by NOP, in partnership with FIRST Scandinavia. A national networking meeting shall be hosted by NOP. The NOP is expected to take part in the annual international Newton network meeting organized by FIRST Scandinavia.

Contact us about more information on partnership in x-country.