The Newton Concept

What is the Newton Concept?

  • The Newton Concept is an encompassing educational philosophy, developed by FIRST Scandinavia (Newton’s parent organization), that includes Newton Modules, Newton Teachers, and Newton Rooms. Find out more.

What is a Newton Room?

  • A Newton Room is a purpose-built high tech classroom that facilitates innovative STEM learning. Find out more.

What is a Newton Module?

  • A Newton Modules is a professionally created lesson plan that includes hands-on, curricula based, and engaging learning activities and techniques. Find out more.

Who is a Newton Teacher?

  • A Newton Teacher is someone who is trained by the FIRST Scandinavia team to facilitate and run Newton Modules for classes. Find out more.

What is the Newton Network?

  • The Newton network is the international cooperation between all Newton Rooms as well as its connections to numerous partners. Newton continuously provides support through development of new Newton Modules which are shared across the entire Newton network. Find out more.

Teachers and Education

How are Newton Modules approved?

  • A pedagogical team of professionals, with over 20 years of combined experience, develops and reviews the modules. These are then reviewed and approved by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Next, local education authorities review the modules in relation to curriculum plans. Finally, the modules are tested first-hand by students themselves in Newton Rooms!

Will the Newton Concept fit into our local curriculum?

  • Newton Modules are created to work in conjunction with school curricula. There are many modules to choose from, such that a plan can be created to find modules that fit into your school curriculum. Additionally, new modules are constantly being developed and reviewed with local education authorities to align with the local curriculum. 

How are Newton Modules different from regular classroom teaching?

  • Newton Modules utilize a series of activities to progress through a learning curve. The activities are designed to make use of the Newton Room facilities such as the lab and amphitheatre space. A lot of traditional classrooms do not have access to the amazing equipment found in Newton Rooms as well. Furthermore, many of the Newton Modules are based on relevant local industry or local surroundings, and thus, have an immediate real-world application scope. 

Can I develop a Newton Module?

  • Yes! Once a Newton Room has been established in your region, and you are a Newton Teacher, you are welcome to begin development of a module, which will be aided by our team. You can contact them here. 

How do I become a Newton Teacher?

  • See if there is a Newton Room in your area! If so, contact the local partner. If there is no Newton Room in your area, then contact us to see if you can help establish one!

Establishing A Newton Room

When will Newton come to my country?

  • Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Poland, Spain - Newton is already in your country!

  • Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, China, Turkey - Newton is coming to your country this year!

  • Country not on the list? We are expanding and will get to you soon! Would you like to help us? Contact us here.

What is a Mobile Newton Room or Pop-Up Newton Room and how can I get one here?

  • Mobile and Pop-Up Newton Rooms are temporary solutions to reach and pilot our concept in new places. They are fully-functional rooms that students can use. The rooms also serve as launch events to share our concept and meet new people!

Can I get a Newton Room in my city/country?

  • Yes, if you are part of an educational, science, youth-orientated, government, or industrial institution, we would love to hear from you. Use our contact form to get in touch with us!

How does the establishment process work?

  • Partnerships are established between Newton and the national, regional, or local organizations. Funding is acquired through sponsorships, grants, and other sources. The Newton Room is created. The National or Local partners maintain and have ownership of the established rooms. Find out more.

How can my school/region join the Newton network?

  • If Newton is already in your country, you can contact us, or the respective local and national partners of your country. If Newton is not yet in your country, you can contact us to help us get started there!

Partnership and Sponsorship

What are the roles of National Operational, Regional, or Local partners?

  • National Operational Partners (NOP) help the Newton Concept expand within their own country and provide a country-wide framework for operation of the Newton Rooms. Regional and Local partners use, maintain, and have ownership over the established Newton Rooms.

How can I become a national, regional, or local partner?

  • Depending on your organization, resources, and reach, you may fit into the the category of national or local partnership. From there, we can work together to see if we would be a good fit to become partners to expand the Newton concept! The first step is to get in contact with us.

I work for a school/university, regional organization, national organization, or government institution. How can I get involved?

  • You may be the perfect partner that we are looking for! Get in contact with us here!

How can we donate to the organization?

  • You can contact us directly in regards to donations.

How can we sponsor Newton and Newton Rooms?

Newton International Conference

What is the Newton International Conference?

  • The Newton International Conference is an annual meeting of all parties interested in the Newton Concept. Everyone is welcome! Current stakeholders, partners, and involved individuals are consistent attendees. Future potential partners, teachers, and anyone else interested in the concept are encouraged to learn about Newton, to learn about the evolving education landscape, and of course, to network. Find out more.

When and where is the conference for 2020?

  • The conference will be held in Bodø, Norway during March 25th-26th, 2020.


How can I participate in the conference?

  • You can register for the conference here!


How do I get in contact with Newton International?

  • You can visit our contact page and use our contact form for all inquiries.