A Newton Room offers education within science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The teaching plans of Newton Rooms are called Newton modules. The curriculum-based teaching is varied and focuses on learning through practical activities. 
Newton modules are teaching plans consisting of preliminary work in school, hands-on work in the Newton Room, and supplementary work at school. The activities in a Newton module will provide opportunities for exploration, in-depth inquiry-based learning, and the use of new and exciting equipment not commonly found in school. All modules are deeply rooted in the school’s curriculum, and Newton education can thus be included as part of the school’s ordinary operation.   

The Newton modules are developed by Newton teachers or other professional environments and are tested with students prior to approval by a national academic community. This means that all teaching plans in a Newton Room undergo quality assurance, both with reference to professional and educational relevance. After approval, the module can be put to use by other Newton Rooms in the network. This sharing culture is one of the pillars of the Newton Concept. Modules exist for preschool, childhood, youth and high school.

One or more Newton teachers are employed in each Newton Room, and they are responsible for ensuring that all students benefit from the visit.

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