Newton Room Phases

There are three phases making up the duration of a Newton Room; the Establishment phase, the Pilot phase and the Operational phase.

Establishment Phase

Establishment of a Newton Room require local commitment based on thorough planning and organisation. After evaluation and agreement to establish a room, the establishment process is starts, which is managed by the National Operating Partner (NOP).


Below is an overview of main tasks of the establishment phase, describing what will be required locally and what can be expected from the NOP.


Local owner & administration

  • Progress plan

  • Secure ownership between school and Newton Room

  • Formation of contracts

  • Advertise for Newton teachers

  • Establish operational group/team

  • Venue refurbishment

  • Planning of official opening

  • Get started with the education

  • Operations meetings


NOP - Newton administration

  • Building, installation and completion

  • NOP facilitate room construction and interior design

  • Planning of Newton Room operations

  • Official opening, support and training


Pilot Phase

The Pilot phase is the first school year the Newton Room offers teaching. When the Newton Room facilities are completed, teaching in the selected Newton modules begins. The first period of time is used to gain experience on teaching, logistics and administration of the Newton Room.


Below is an overview of main tasks during the Pilot phase, describing what will be required from the local administration and Newton teachers.

Administration and management

  • Establish good routines for Newton teachers

  • Establish good connection and dialogue with the schools

  • Create routines for maintenance and purchase of equipment

  • Fill out and update Newton Room website

  • Participate in network gatherings


Teaching and evaluation

  • Set up booking calendar

  • Teaching

  • Evaluation

  • Participate in network gatherings


Operational Phase

In the Operational phase, it is all about conducting education in Newton modules as effective, and with as high quality, as possible. Activities are run in accordance with current guidelines in the concept. Education is carried out using Newton modules, and the capacity in the room is well used. The teaching is evaluated and further developed on a continuous basis.


The Newton Room is a shared resource by schools in a region, with possibility to host a variety of STEM related activities in the afternoon and outside of the school year. One should seek to increase the value of the Newton Room by offering attractive activities, communicate and marked the services, and further develop the educational programs.

Below is an overview of main tasks of the Operational phase, describing what will be required from the local administration and Newton teachers.


Administration and management

  • Keep a close dialogue with Newton teachers

  • Maintain an effective operational group

  • Participate in network gatherings

  • Secure further operational agreements


Teaching and evaluation

  • Conduct education in Newton modules

  • Be in close dialogue with the schools

  • Participate in annual courses and gatherings

  • Continuous evaluation and adjustment of teaching offered