Looking forward to teaching classes in Lodz

10 oct. 2019

On Nov 5th – 24th  the Lodz University of Technology High School in Poland will host the Pop-up Newton Room, a STEM classroom. 
Teachers and their students in Lodz can participate in the half-day STEM educational program «Up in the air with numbers», focused on aviation and mathematics. 

The Newton-concept is an active STEM education project that focuses on learning through practical and exploratory activities, developed and administered by the non-profit foundation FIRST Scandinavia. 

The Pop-up Newton Room is a temporary and fully equipped Newton room that will provide teachers and students with a unique and unforgettable experience. It’s FIRST Scandinavia`s partnership with Boeing that brings the Newton experience to Europe.

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In September, Krzysztof Klimaszewski and Bogusława Kłos from Łódź University of Technology High School received the proper training in order to be Newton Teachers. The training was conducted by Markus Bjerkenes from Newton. 

– The purpose of this seminar is to prepare the teachers for when they will be teaching the Newton program to local students in Poland. 

Krzysztof and Bogusława spent two days in Bodø (Norway), learning about the Newton concept and going over the STEM educational program «Up in the air with numbers». The teacher training took place in the Mobile Newton Room and in the Newton Flight Academy. They focused on mathematical concepts and the program where students will create and plan a flight route. At the end of the program the students fly their planned route on flight simulators. 

– What do you think about the Newton-concept and the teacher training in Bodø?

– In our school we have laboratories, but none of them is connected with aviation. So this is something new and exciting for us. In the Polish school system, you have some regular subjects like maths, chemistry and physics, but this is something new! Krzysztof and Bogusława said that in this program, students will have an opportunity to learn geography, physics, mathematics joined together, and that is the best way to practice and gain new knowledge and skills.  

Through discussion, dialogue and practical approach, they took a deep-dive into Newton principles of teaching. The last day they spent one full day practising the module.

– It is very interesting and with this particular teaching-method, equipment and practical activities, the students may climb to a higher level in a short time. And the teacher training with Markus was exciting and fun says Bogusława.

When the Newton Pop-up Room is in Lodz, they will have two programs a day, with 24 students per session. During the half-day program, the students will create a flight plan and fly in simulators. 
– In addition to students in Lodz, students from our school will be able to visit the Pop-up Newton Room. We look forward to getting started with teaching the classes in November, ends Krzysztof Klimaszewski and Bogusława Kłos.

Newton in Poland
– The Lodz University of Technology High School is a great partner for the introduction of the Newton concept in Poland. We are fortunate to work with an institution that shares our values and passion to provide young students with quality STEM education. An overall great institution, with passionate staff and teachers. Managing Director of FIRST Scandinavia, Stian Elstad says. 



At the teacher training in Bodø, Krzysztof Klimaszewski and Bogusława Kłos from Łódź University of Technology High School, learned how to fly the flight simulator.