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the history about newton

The Newton Concept is owned, developed and managed by the non-profit foundation FIRST Scandinavia. Since 2000, FIRST Scandinavia has developed and implemented STEM concepts and projects for over 500,000 children and young people.
FIRST Scandinavia started the development of the Newton concept in 2003, as a result from lack of hands-on activities, outdated equipment and shortage of resources for science laboratories in the Norwegian schools. The first rooms opened in 2007, and today there are 40 operating Newton rooms in Norway. The first international room opened in Denmark in 2015, and two rooms was established in Scotland, UK in 2019.

Through unique learning experiences, we will bring children all over the world the joy of mastering science
The Newton network is continuously growing; consisting of Newton teachers, administrative leaders, educational professionals and institutions, international organization, multiple private companies and STEM enthusiasts.  

FIRST Scandinavia runs a Newton administration which organizes the Newton network with versatile tools, meetings, courses and support for already established Newton Rooms.