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Getting ready for Newton in Croatia

06 mrt 2024

Last week several teachers in Ludbreg went through teacher training in Croatia ahead of launching two Newton Rooms on April 2.


Educational Specialist Pedrikke J. Votvik from FIRST Scandinavia, led the seven day training between February 23. and March 4, together with Education Manager Dr Lindsey Hendricks-Franco and Axel Storli, who was i charge of training the Flight Instructors.



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INTRODUCTION. Educational Specialist Pedrikke J. Votvik from FIRST Scandinavia introduced the local educators to the Newton Concept.


A diverse group of local educators participated in this comprehensive training program, which covered six Newton Modules designed to intertwine practical skills with academic knowledge. The modules included "Up in the Air with Numbers," "Sustainable Aviation Fuel," "Search and Rescue," "Robots and Circumference," "Mission Possible: The King's Treasure," and "We Explore Energy."


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The training lasted seven days and found place in one of the Newton Rooms. The classroom was not completely finished in design, but it will be before the opening in April.


The training started with an unconventional drawing activity where participants sketched one another without looking at the paper. This icebreaker created a relaxed and open environment, setting the stage for a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Throughout the training, educators were introduced to Newton's educational principles and engaged with new equipment and technologies, including a flight simulator. Remarkably, some teachers showcased natural aptitude in flight simulation, hinting at potential future pilots.


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Axel Storli from FIRST Scandinavia, trained the instructors on the flight simulators, that are used in the «Up in the air module».


This initiative was particularly significant as many participating teachers had been introduced to Newton's educational concepts through study trips to Norway, visiting cities such as Bodø, Trondheim, Oslo, and Ålesund. These experiences gave them a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of the innovative teaching methods being implemented.

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The module "We explore energy!" sparked a lot of engagement among the teachers.


The enthusiasm and engagement displayed by the teachers were noticeable, with the new equipment presenting both a challenge and a learning opportunity. Despite the learning curve, educators are now tasked with thoroughly reviewing the module documents and honing their skills in preparation for teaching their students. 

Soon students in Ludbreg, and the surrounding area, will have the opportunity to explore the Newton Modules modules under the guidance of trained teachers.

More pictures from the teacher training in Ludbreg



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