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What is the classroom of the future?

18 jun 2021

This week, the final winners of the “Shape the Future: Classroom Edition” in France were announced.

After over a year of remote learning, virtual hangouts, and new technologies, students around the world have been through a lot. That’s why the Newton Team wanted to engage directly with young people and ask what has been their experience and what would they like to change about the environment in which they learn?


Support from many partners

The “Shape the Future” challenge was designed to encourage young people to be creative and to communicate their thoughts and experiences – something that is not always as valued as it should be. Together with Boeing and the Leo Lagrange Federation, this challenge was introduced to young people who are part of the Hub Léo network in France from December 2020 to March 2021.


Focus on sustainability and creativity

Submissions were received from 6 Hubs across France, from students aged 11 – 15. A variety of issues were addressed, including teacher competence, technology, and our relationship with nature. The projects were evaluated based on 3 criteria: creativity, sustainability, and design & presentation. Winners were identified in 2 categories: individual projects and team projects, and all entries were presented on a Zoom call with the jury members and the Managing Director of Boeing France, Jean Marc Fron.


Here are the winners:

1. Hub Léo Mainvilliers




2. Hub Léo Dijon


3. Hub Léo Salins les Bains




The winners got to choose from a range of prizes and all participants receive a gift card and a virtual tour of a start-up company in London, with our host Nathalia Rus (@yeahgirlscode on Instagram).


We would like to thank all our participants for their inspiring and creative entries! We look forward to the next challenge and hearing more fantastic ideas from young people around the world.


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