A taste of Newton!

03 maj 2024

For one week, students got to experience different STEM activities at Aviato Academy in Brussels.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: On May 29th, FIRST Scandinavia, Boeing, and Aviato Academy inaugurated a STEM education initiative that took place from April 29th to May 3rd at the Aviation Talent Hub in Brussels, Belgium.


Benjamin Dalle, Minister for Media, Youth, and Brussels in the Flemish government, is worried about all the people under 25 years old who are without work.


This event was part of the closing event for the European Year of Skills at Aviato Academy, and 50 European stakeholders gathered at the brand-new Talent Hub, which will officially open this autumn.

Since 2013 Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia have been in a partnership with spreading the Newton Concept in Europe. 


Newton B54 5.jpeg

GOOD PARTNERSHIP. Per-Arild Konradsen from FIRST Scandinavia, Chiara Boiano and Boyan Novakov from Boeing and Isabelle Borli General Manager at Aviato.

In anticipation of the Mobile Newton Room's arrival at Aviato Academy this November, a mini version of the pop-up Newton Room, to give a taste of the Newton, has been set up within Aviato Academy. Known as a leading training center in the aviation sector in Belgium, Aviato Academy served as the partner and home for this educational event.



For one week, more than 100 students had the opportunity to participate in a version of this Newton Event, which featured a series of STEM activities designed for 15-20 minute sessions. These activities were tailored to introduce students to the fundamentals of STEM in an engaging, hands-on environment that promoted curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

The week's activities included:

  • Flight Engineering Challenge: Students became aviation engineers for a day, designing, crafting, and testing paper airplane wings on a 3D-printed fuselage. This activity not only introduced the principles of aerodynamics but also encouraged creativity and critical thinking.
  • Flight Simulators - Taking the Pilot's Seat: Participants experienced the thrill of flying by piloting a simulated aircraft. Guided by experienced instructors, students learned about aviation controls and the responsibilities of being a pilot, enhancing their understanding of the aviation field.
  • Kinetic Energy Experiment: This experiment allowed students to explore the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy. By releasing a steel marble down a track and measuring its speed and distance with a Pasco cart equipped with sensors, students gained practical insights into physics concepts such as acceleration and momentum.

Now we look forward to returning in November with our Mobile Newton Room experience!


50 European stakeholders gathered this Monday at the brand-new Talent Hub in Aviato Academy.


Facts about FIRST Scandinavia and the Newton Concept

The Newton Concept is developed and administered by the Norwegian non-profit foundation FIRST Scandinavia in collaboration with teachers, academic institutions, and corporations. A Newton Room is a well-equipped, inspiring STEM classroom focusing on high-quality education. The purpose is to provide as many children as possible with good experience and mastery of STEM subjects. The education is varied and focuses on practical activities. The concept has been introduced internationally through the partnership with Boeing, and 49 Newton Rooms have been established in 15 countries, including Norway, Türkyie, and France.

Facts about Boeing

Boeing is committed to helping students of all backgrounds to achieve their full potential. The company works to create cradle-to-career pathways that strengthen and diversify the pipeline of skilled workers. Boeing’s goal is to support more students, regardless of background, who are ready to enter aerospace and advanced manufacturing careers and STEM-focused post-secondary education.

As a leading global aerospace company, Boeing develops, manufactures and services commercial airplanes, defense products and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries. The company leverages the talents of a global supplier base to advance economic opportunity, sustainability and community impact. Boeing's diverse team is committed to innovating for the future, leading with sustainability, and cultivating a culture based on the company's core values of safety, quality and integrity. Join our team and find your purpose at .


Facts about Aviato Academy

Aviato Academy is a leading ecosystem for knowledge, training, and learning in the aviation industry. What sets it apart is its commitment to development through collaboration. By partnering with internal and external experts, it draws upon years of experience across various sectors of the aviation industry to offer specific and practical training programs. This exceptional co-creation process fosters enrichment and growth.

Aviato Academy also collaborates with renowned international partners, such as IATA, ACI, AM&TS, and others, to provide a wide range of specialized aviation courses, including cargo, pharmaceutical logistics, dangerous goods, and more.

As the preferred partner for airport staff training, Aviato Academy supports lifelong learning and skill development through innovative approaches, enhancing the employability of its candidates and students.