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Continuing the Pop-Up Success in Scotland

21 feb 2024

The Science Skills Academy is now teaming up with a new partner to extend the reach of the Newton Concept throughout Scotland.

Since 2018, the Science Skills Academy(SSA), operated by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), has been running the Newton Concept across Scotland.


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In the region, four permanent Newton Rooms have been established; Thurso, Dingwall, Inverness, and Fort William, complemented by a Pop-Up Newton Room that tours the Highlands communities.


In addition to this, a Newton Flight Academy opened in 2022 at Glasgow Science Centre.


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A HAPPY CROWD. Children in Portree have already taken advantage of Pop-Up Newton Room. Dr. Emma Plato is seated in the front row, to the left, in this photograph. All photos: HIE

SSA is now collaborating with SSEN Transmission (Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission) to introduce the Scottish Pop-Up Newton Room to school students in rural areas of Scotland. SSEN Transmission oversees the electricity transmission network across northern Scotland. The school children are taking part in a full-day learning Newton module, and the focus will be on energy. 


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The pop-up session started in Portree in January and will continue through early March before transitioning to Plockton later in the same month. In April, they will proceed to Nairn for a week in April. To complement these in-person pop-up sessions, additional online classes will be conducted in partnership with the Glasgow Science Centre, extending our reach to more remote areas beyond the Highlands.


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FOCUS ON ENERGY. The school students are participating in an all-day educational module on Newton, with an emphasis on energy.


Dr Emma Plato, SSA’s STEM manager, welcomed the support of SSEN Transmission:
“Research tells us that engaging young people early with hands-on activities is key to helping them see their future in STEM. Working with SSEN Transmission will help us bring careers to life, as well as highlight the 400+ jobs they are creating across Scotland this year, Emma said on the Highlands and Islands Enterprise website, hie.ok.uk. 


Chris Bell, head of stakeholder engagement at SSEN Transmission, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the potential for this partnership to leave a lasting legacy in the communities it serves by fostering the next generation of scientists and engineers. 


Each room in Scotland has a dedicated Newton Teacher who is an expert in modern pedagogy. Going forward, SSA aims to forge new partnerships with organisations working in and with STEM industries to create learning and skills pathways into STEM careers in the region.


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