About Newton

The Newton Concept is designed to give high learning outcome and great learning experiences with STEM, for both students and teachers.

The Newton Concept is developed by the Norwegian non-profit foundation FIRST Scandinavia, in collaboration with teachers, academic institutions and industry partners. Our purpose is to provide children and young people good training and empowering experiences with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.


The teaching in the Newton Room is diverse and focuses on learning through practical and exploratory activities, combined with discussion for high learning outcome. Newton teachers are enthusiastic and professionally skilled educators, who lead the students through the activities.

How we teach

The teaching plans of Newton Rooms are called Newton modules, which are developed for and by the Newton network. They will ensure the student's opportunity for exploration, in-depth and inquiry-based learning, and the use of new and exciting equipment not commonly used at school. The modules are deeply rooted in the national curriculum. After quality assurance, the modules are made available for the whole network. There are several approved Newton modules with more continuously being developed.

The Newton Room is owned by the local municipality and can be a resource centre shared by one or more districts. It is usually situated in a central premise within the region. Newton Rooms are part of a network with joint administration and shared access to resources and best practice.

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