The teaching in the Newton Room is diverse and focuses on learning through practical and exploratory activities in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Students will get access to relevant and exciting equipment, and are guided through the day by an enthusiastic Newton teacher. The visit to the Newton Room should be included as a part of the school’s ordinary operation.


Newton Room education is dual-purpose:

• Having visited a Newton Room, students should have attained high quality learning outcomes.

The education in a Newton Room should constantly focus on the substance of the students’ learning. Activities and methods are carefully chosen to reflect this. In the Newton Room, students have time to delve deeply into the subject matter, to reflect, to develop an understanding of the subject through both practical activities and theory, and to discover connections between these. In this way, we facilitate in-depth learning. For the best possible learning outcome, we choose activities that are interconnected and well-integrated with theory.


• Having visited a Newton Room, students should have a sense of great learning experiences.   

Examples of good learning experiences are: a sense of achievement, enthusiasm, discovering a new area of interest, positive co-operative experiences, a pleasant encounter with the Newton teacher, eye-opening experiences, the chance to work with fascinating equipment, and good effort and motivation to learn. 

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