The Newton Teacher

Newton teachers have a unique opportunity to give students a significant learning experience - lasting memories that shape attitudes and choices for the future.

The Newton teacher:

  • creates a good learning environment for all students

  • is a professionally skilled teacher with high academic competence and pedagogical knowledge

  • leads the students throughout the day with clear structure and focus on the day's learning goals

  • utilizes approved Newton modules, but is flexible and will change the schedule for the day if

  • necessary, to ensure the best experience and outcome for the students

  • allows students to immerse themselves in subject areas and ask critical questions along the way

  • is aware of the relationship between disciplines and subject areas and helps students explore it

  • supports students with positive guidance, interpretation, and conclusions

  • is aware of his or her role as a professional and educational role model

  • collaborates well with class teachers, colleagues, and other actors in the Newton network, and views collaboration as a good method for learning

  • is concerned with the future of learning and possesses great knowledge about teaching,

  • learning, and the subject content

  • is engaged in his or her job and enjoys teaching

  • makes sure that all students are engaged during the day in the Newton Room