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First Mobile Newton Room in Germany kicks off in Hesse

03 mrt 2020

Today the Newton Mobile Room opened in Neu-Isenbug in Germany.
For the next three weeks, nearly 400 students will experience the Mobile Newton Room, located at Boeing Digital Solutions & Analytics Lab Frankfurt in Neu-Isenburg. 

The third landing
Neu-Isenburg will be the third location for an event in the Boeing-Newton partnership. Last October the Mobile Newton Room’s first landing was in Lugo, Spain, and in November a Pop-Up Newton Room opened in Poland.

The opening ceremony took place at the Boeing DS&A lab and included a tour of the Mobile Newton Room and the Boeing facilities.

Boeing tour
The school classes will do the Newton Module «Up in the Air with Numbers». During the program, they will assist a virtual air search & rescue mission, create their own flight plan, and fly simulators.

The students will also have the opportunity to tour the facilities of the Boeing DS&A Lab Frankfurt in Neu-Isenburg and learn from the employees about innovative projects they are working on.

– As Boeing’s presence in Germany continues to grow, it is important for us to inspire future innovators in Germany and to encourage them to pursue careers in STEM fields. In the Newton Room, students experience an exciting approach to STEM learning and in the Boeing Digital Solutions & Analytics Lab Frankfurt, they can see how these learnings are applied in real aerospace jobs, said Dr. Michael Haidinger, President, Boeing Germany.

Also present at the opening ceremony where Marc Launer, Director Research and Product Concepts Digital Aviation and Analytics, Boeing Global Services, Stian Elstad, Managing Director of FIRST Scandinavia, Markus Ochs, Project Manager DKJS, Brigitte Hirschler, Stiftungsmanagerin (EBS)/Foundations Manager, Hessian Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Daniel Jung, one of the leading German YouTubers focused on creating educational content on STEM-education, also visited the Mobile Newton Room.

Shared values
Stian Elstad, Managing Director of FIRST Scandinavia, are excited to introduce the Newton concept in Germany together with the partners.
–  We have experienced great commitment from all organizations involved, and the project has allowed us to create synergies between industry, non-profit organizations and the educational authorities. These organizations share our values and passion to prepare young students with quality STEM education. 

– I hope we can build on this and also establish permanent Newton Room facilities in this and other regions in Germany going forward, ends Stian Elstad.

The Mobile Newton Room are made of two expandable containers that provide a high quality and inspiring STEM educational environment. The activity is closely linked to relevant theory and mathematical concepts are in the focus of all of the tasks. Local teachers are trained to lead the sessions.

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