Reflections on a Summer Internship with Newton

30 Sep 2022

Lucas Cortinez joined the international team in Newton Room’s Berlin office as this summer’s 2022 Project Management Intern, helping support the establishment of Newton Rooms and, particularly, the implementation of STEM education across Europe. 


During his internship, Lucas worked on a broad variety of tasks. Among the most important was  assisting with ensuring the overall quality of several key Newton Modules. These modules will be used by teachers in Newton Rooms across Europe and reach thousands of students within the next year. In pursuit of this goal, he created the company’s first official English Language Style Guide and provided insight into important processes and workflows that will be used to ensure the quality of the modules used in our Newton Rooms. In addition, Lucas was responsible for identifying European suppliers for the educational equipment used for the programming in existing and future Newton Rooms.


Lucas also worked to automate the process in which all future Newton Teachers and students will receive individualized certificates and played a key role in the broader communications of the Newton Concept. He wrote articles, curated social media posts, and provided extensive copywriting support in English and Spanish. He also supported the team at a leading technology conference in Berlin.


According to Lucas, it was a motivating experience to work for Newton Room gGmbH in Berlin. “Newton Room introduced me to the importance of working in an organization that remains committed to leaving the world better off than it was, and how motivating that can be. I earned the ability to work independently and to take initiative, while also strengthening my organizational and project management skills. My time at Newtonroom gGmbH has proven fruitful and left me better prepared for any future career.” 


Going forward, Lucas will return to his studies in English Literature at the University of Chicago as he begins a study abroad program in London this Fall. He looks to pursue a career in social impact utilizing technology and law.