In love with the concept!

26 Nov 2021

Niko Crnčević is the new face in Newton’s Berlin office.


After gaining a Masters's degree in Industrial Design from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Niko moved to Berlin in 2016.  Here he continued developing in roles as designer and art director in agencies, startups, corporates, and NGO environments. 

This October, he joined the Newton Europe team as a graphic & video designer. 


Education is the solution

“I am a strong believer in programs like Newton, so I was in love with the idea since I first learned about it. I see Newton playing a small, yet important role, in shaping the future. Social change and solutions to global problems rarely come in one day, so in the long term, the availability of quality education to the next generations is the way forward”, Niko says.

He has already seen the concept in action, visiting the Newton Rooms in Poland, Italy, and The Netherlands.

Bodø - Berlin

Now he will work closely with FIRST Scandinavia's communication and graphics team in Bodø. The team consists of four people, handling all graphics and communication at FIRST Scandinavia.


– How have the last months been, working closely with a team in a different country?

“I feel like I hit the ground running, but the team ensured a safe landing and good directions. Since 2020 rolled in, virtual work is a part of the new normal, so having a remote team means that there is always support. 


“No matter if it is the Berlin office, Bodø office, in a Newton room anywhere in the world, or my living room -- having a fluid but connected workspace contributes to the flow of ideas, diversity of input, as well as an exchange of knowledge. Seeing how skilled our creatives in Norway are in different disciplines, I see so much opportunity to learn from each other. But of course, I’m looking forward to meeting the team all face to face soon, without screens in between,” Niko says.