International news

Finally in England

The Mobile Room is for the first time available to students in England.

Expands its educational reach with the launch of Newton Rome

Providing immersive learning experiences to the youth of Italy.

A taste of Newton!

For one week, students got to experience different STEM activities at Aviato Academy in Brussels.

Successful Opening in Croatia

The two Newton Rooms in Ludbreg, Alpha and Beta, have officially opened their doors. 

It’s in our DNA: Newton Identity Guidelines

We're proud to announce a significant milestone in our journey: the release of updated Newton Identity Guidelines!

Getting ready for Newton in Croatia

Last week several teachers in Ludbreg went through teacher training in Croatia ahead of launching two Newton Rooms on April 2.

Continuing the Pop-Up Success in Scotland

The Science Skills Academy is now teaming up with a new partner to extend the reach of the Newton Concept throughout Scotland.

“It was fun to see how engaged the students became”

The mobile Newton Room in Northern Norway is on the move again. Teacher Simen Nyutstumoen believes that students learn better with practical and in-depth teaching.

England's first Newton Room opened

South Yorkshire has officially unveiled the England first Newton Room,

Designing Solutions for Climate Change with CSR Europe

In 2023, the Newton Concept became an official education partner of CSR Europe, a prominent European business network that…

The newest Newton Flight Academy opens its doors in Istanbul

FIRST Scandinavia, Boeing, Istanbul Grand Airport, and the Science Heroes Association celebrated the inauguration of the Newton Flight Academy at the IGA campus…

Mobile STEM Classroom takes flight in Germany

Boeing partnered with Newton to let the Mobile Newton Room take flight in Germany. The mobile classroom landed in Henstedt-Ulzburg, just outside Hamburg. With the…

Celebrating 20 Years at the Newton Partner Summit in Glasgow

This year’s Newton Partner Summit took place at the Glasgow Science Centre, one of Scotland’s top visitor attractions. The event gathered our partners…

A Five-Day Immersion Experience

A delegation of five teachers and project managers recently visited Bodø from Beijing, China, to immerse themselves in the Newton Concept.

Major Newton initiative in Baku

In Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, a total of four Newton Rooms have been established in one large building.

The 2022 Annual Impact Report shows continued success for Newton

In 2022 the Newton Concept reached 58,225 children and youth in 13 countries.

Croatian Study Visit in Norway

This May a group of Croatians traveled to Norway to learn more about Newton.

18 months of STEM education in Spain have flown by!

Newton Galicia, the first permanent Newton Room in Spain, celebrates 18 months of successful activity within the Galicia Technology Park. 

Mobile Newton Room Arrives in Gdansk to Inspire Young Minds

On May 9th, FIRST Scandinavia, Boeing, and Inkubator STARTER celebrated the opening of The Mobile Newton Room in Gdansk

Launched China’s First Newton Flight Academy

The first Newton Flight Academy in China opens, ready to bring the inspiration of aerospace to students.

Where advanced mathematics comes to life!

Imagine a wintry Wednesday morning in Norway, chilly and bleak outside, yet inside the Newton Room at Grønnåsen School in Bodø, and Class 6a is…

Newton to the center of the world

This year two Newton Rooms will be realized in Ludbreg, thanks to the EEA and Norway Grants.

Türkiye’s Mobile Newton Room makes an impact

Since April 2022, the Mobile Newton Room in Türkiye has been introducing students to the world of aviation, helping them gain interest and confidence in STEM…

Looking to the sky with Planetarium Aragon

Over 500 students will take part in a Newton learning experience during a three-week period in Spain.

Going forward in Italy

After a successful visit to Bari last year, local students in Turin now enjoy the Newton learning experience.

Learning can be fun too - here’s how

After their first visit to a Newton Room, these students can agree on two things: it was fun AND educational!

The 2022 Newton Partner Summit takes place in Brussels

Last week, representatives from nine countries joined the annual Newton Partner Summit, which took place in Brussels, Belgium.

Newton Room teams up with AviAll for Aviation 4 Girls event at EUROCONTROL

This Thursday over 100 girls and boys, aged 15 to 18, visited the EUROCONTROL headquarters as part of the annual Aviation for All (AviAll) initiative which…

Reflections on a Summer Internship with Newton

Lucas Cortinez joined the international team in Newton Room’s Berlin office as this summer’s 2022 Project Management Intern, helping support the…

Boeing employees share knowledge with Rzeszów students

The opening of a Pop-Up Newton Room at the Rzeszów University of Technology this spring gave Boeing employees the opportunity to educate the next…

New on the Newton team: Jorge Carbonell

“Education, hand in hand with practical experiences, can take us a long way forward.”

France’s first permanent Newton Room opens in Angers

The first permanent Newton Room in France opens today in the city of Angers with the aim of making STEM education more accessible to local students.

Meet our intern: Lucas Cortinez

Lucas Cortinez is the newest member of the Newton team in Berlin. He joins us for three months this summer as a Project Management Intern through a paid internship…

An attractive learning environment makes STEM more exciting

This summer, children and young people in Saltdal, Norway will have the opportunity to experience the Newton concept thanks to the support of two business companies.

The Newton Concept expands to Rzeszów

Since 2019, 1500 students in Poland have experienced the Newton Concept. A Pop-Up Newton Room opens today at the Rzeszów University of…

– Extraordinarily engaging STEM learning experience

President of DCU, Professor Daire Keogh is thrilled to have the Mobile Newton Room at Dublin City University (DCU) for the next three weeks.

Equipping students with skills for the future in Norway

In over 35 Newton Rooms across Norway students are learning the skills that they’ll need in their future careers. Recently, members of the Newton team visited…

Launch of Turkey’s first Mobile Newton Room

For the next years, the Mobile Newton Room will go on a tour to schools in different cities throughout Anatolia. 

A promise to Planet Earth

The workforce for tomorrow made promises to protect the planet’s natural resources in Glasgow. 

Newton makes its official debut in France!

The Léo Lagrange Federation in France is the first Newton Operational Partner (NOP) signing with FIRST Scandinavia. 

Makes STEAM attractive

– The Newton Concept is an excellent way to engage students and have them learn by doing. 

Young students engaging other students!

Meet Patrick and Olivia, two of the flight simulator instructors in Newton Łódź.

In love with the concept!

Niko Crnčević is the new face in Newton’s Berlin office.

An inspiration for the young Dutch generation

Yesterday, the Mobile Newton Room opened at Aircraft Maintenance & Training School (AM&TS) at Aviolanda Aerospace in the Netherlands.

Introducing the Newton Concept in Italy

Today a Pop-up Newton Room opened at the Polytechnic University of Bari. 

– Equipping a new school with technology for tomorrow

Tomasz Kozera, director of the University of Technology in Łódź believes that Newton gives his students unique opportunities. 

Creating incredible learning experiences in Spain

After weeks of construction, the Newton Room in Galicia opened to local school classes on Oct 19th.

Will shape the aerospace industry

Glasgow Science Centre will become home to the UK's first Newton Flight Academy.

Newton Lodz opens in three weeks!

This summer FIRST Scandinavia signed agreements with the Lodz Technical University.

A lasting impact in Spain

The next months will be full of exciting and rewarding new chapters in the Newton Room story.

“Let’s empower students with knowledge”

Caroline Cormier joins the Newton team in Berlin as the Strategic Partnerships & Engagement Manager.

Joint action for STEM!

In Norway, there are currently 40 Newton Rooms in operation, and one of them has a unique collaboration. 


What is the classroom of the future?

This week, the final winners of the “Shape the Future: Classroom Edition” in France were announced.

Staffing up in Berlin!

Dr. Lindsey Hendricks-Franco joins the Newton Team as Education Manager for Newton Europe. 

– A wonderful tool for inspiring a passion for science

From May 6 until June 4, the Mobile Newton Room has welcomed 13 to 15 year-olds in Angers, France, 

A Norwegian Education Success Story

How did the Newton concept get started?

Newton launches in the U.S.

Newton offers science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in an experiential and collaborative concept. The courses are uniquely…

Anything is possible with (digital) teamwork

Over three days this week, teachers and instructors in France are participating in the first 100% virtual flight simulator and Newton Teacher training, broadcast…

Newton Summit’s message: STEM education is important for the future

The first day of the Newton Summit is complete. People from over 30 countries participated in the plenary session, and all three seminars on day 2 are fully booked.

Researching deep learning in STEM, together with the Newton Concept

Wenche Rønning and Fredrik Rusk, from Nord University, will share insight on their project “STEM Education in Newton Rooms: Students' Learning in Group…

– Working with STEM in an exploratory way is worth its weight in gold!

Concludes Martin Madsen after only one week in the Mobile Newton Room.

– It is more important than ever to connect education and industry!

On February 9th and 10th, you have a unique opportunity to see what's going on in Newton's international network. 

Shape the Future with Newton challenge launched in France

15 December 2020 – Boeing France, FIRST Scandinavia, and the Léo Lagrange Federation launch the “Shape the Future with Newton” challenge…

Research funding granted

The Research Council of Norway has granted researchers Fredrik Rusk and Wenche Rønning fundings for their project “STEM Education in Newton Rooms:…

First Mobile Newton Room in Germany kicks off in Hesse

Today the Newton Mobile Room opened in Neu-Isenbug in Germany.

UPDATE: Newton International Conference postponed

In collaboration with our partners we have decided to postpone the Newton International Conference indefinitely

Newton lands in Germany

The Mobile Newton Room has arrived in Germany and is accepting class reservations. Sign up to experience the Newton Concept!

Scotland’s Newton Room Success

Two successful Newton Rooms in Scotland have opened the door for more.

– An unforgettable educational experience!

Visitors to the Pop-up Newton Room in Lodz, Poland logged 5269 hours in the air using flight simulators, and the principal is thrilled.

A flying start

For three weeks over 1,197 people participated in the Newton learning experience in Spain.

Grand opening in Poland

Nov 5th a Pop-up Newton classroom opened in Lodz University of Technology High School.

Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia launch the Newton learning experience in Lugo, Galicia

Lugo, 21 of October 2019 – Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia celebrated today the launch of the Mobile Newton classroom in the Spanish city of Lugo (Galicia). The…

Looking forward to teaching classes in Lodz

On Nov 5th – 24th  the Lodz University of Technology High School in Poland will host the Pop-up Newton Room, a STEM classroom. 

Discover a world of STEM

Are you a teacher and want a more practical approach to science? Bring your students to a Newton Room.

Introducing Newton to Europe

The unique Mobile Newton Room, a portable science classroom is going on tour! In close collaboration with Boeing, FIRST Scandinavia are presenting the Mobile Newton…

Hei NOP Ingvill, dette er en beskjed til deg

Det er fra Newton-aministrasjonen og beskjeden går til alle NOPs, denne saken skal egenlig ha en link til mer informasjon?, eller skal vi legge hele beskjeden…

UK's first Newton Room created in Thurso in Caithness

The UK's first Scandinavian-style learning centre, known as a Newton Room, has been opened in Caithness.

Mobile Newton Rooms – coming to a location near you!

A key component of the Newton expansion is our innovative Mobile Newton Room, a portable package of flight simulator panels and educational materials used to create…

Work starts on Lochaber Newton Room

Work is underway in Fort William to create one of Scotland’s first Norwegian style learning centers: a…

Newton Room is attending Bett show

Newton Room will be present at the 2019 Bett show in London, Jan 23-26. 

Newton Europe – a strategic partnership with Boeing

The Boeing Company, a strategic partner of FIRST Scandinavia on the Newton concept since 2013, has invested $5M USD to bring Newton across Europe. 

Newton Denmark

The Newton concept, developed in Norway since 2004, has proven itself well enough to expand outside of Norwegian borders.