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– An unforgettable educational experience!

10 Dec 2019

Visitors to the Pop-up Newton Room in Lodz, Poland logged 5269 hours in the air using flight simulators, and the principal is thrilled.
The Newton concept was introduced to local students, teachers, and residents of Lodz, Poland with a Pop-Up Newton Room, a temporary and fully-equipped Newton Room. The installation was placed at the Lodz University High School for three weeks and was visited by over 1,000 people. 

Different from everyday lessons
– The innovative project Newton Room gave students a unique opportunity to put theoretical knowledge of STEM subjects into practice. 
– Learning how to devise a flight plan and then flying simulators was a very attractive way of gaining new knowledge and skills for young people, so different from everyday lessons the principal of the Lodz Technical University High School, Mr. Tomasz Kozera, says.

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FROM THE OPENING. Principal of the Lodz Technical University High School, Mr. Tomasz Kozera, opened the pop-up Newton Room in November.

Exiting learning
650 students completed the educational module «Up in the Air with Numbers», where they learned mathematical concepts related to aviation by converting units, creating a flight plan, and executing their route on flight simulator panels. Out of the visiting students, 88.5 % stated that the teaching in the Newton room was exciting and interesting. 
– Flying on simulators was amazing. It was a little bit difficult, but with the instructors’ help, everything was much easier and it made me concentrated and I could get acquainted with pilots’ work. I was so satisfied after flying on simulator. It made me so happy! said a visiting student. 
– My favourite part was flying on the simulator, it’s been one of my biggest dreams to pilot a plane,” one visitor said. 

The team in Lodz consisted of two teachers from the High School, with a background in physics and biography, and four flight simulator instructors, who were graduates of the High School. 

– We were very happy to be able to host the Newton Room in our school – it was an unforgettable educational experience for both students and teachers concludes Mr. Tomasz Kozera.

Boeing, FIRST Scandinavia, Lodz University of Technology , and Lodz Technical University High School collaborated  to make the project possible. 

This is the footprint the Pop-up Newton Room made in Lodz.

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