about newton

Newton offers practical education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for K-12 students and teachers.
Newton is high-quality, curriculum-aligned, career-based STEM educational modules, developed by our Newton team, delivered in an experiential, collaborative setting.

Newton is specially trained STEM teachers, who come from the local community and gain access to an international Newton Network of support and resources, and who become an asset for further teacher improvement in a community.

Newton is innovative, state-of-the-art education Newton Room infrastructure, which can adapt to several learning themes and curriculum, and be delivered in permanent, temporary, or mobile applications.

Finally, Newton is local ownership by municipalities and school systems, ensuring equity of access for all and a learning and teaching experience aligned to the needs of the local community.

Criteria for the Newton Concept

The successful operation of a Newton Room requires a common platform and guidelines:

  • focuses on STEM subjects
  • uses approved Newton modules
  • is anchored in a municipality or region
  • employs teachers with good science communication skills
  • uses equipment that promotes learning through activity
  • should be a common resource in the educational system in one or more municipalities
  • constantly evaluates and adjusts the education on offer
  • is integrated on
  • reports annually to the Newton administration
  • is represented at the annual network meetings