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A Newton Room should be an appealing and inspiring learning environment. Individual bespoke designs help to make each Newton Room unique, but the overarching goal is always functionality and outstanding quality.
The education in Newton Rooms is dynamic and varied, and the room is suitable for students of all age groups. In addition, the Newton Rooms should be adapted to a wide range of modules, which are the teaching plans in a Newton Room. This requires spaces which are flexible in terms of furnishing and space utilization.  

Want to establish a Newton Room in your community?

Individual Newton Rooms may vary in size, but an area of between 1500 and 3000 sq feet is recommended.

A Newton Room usually consists of a main room with workstations, a collaboration zone for group discussion and reflection, a lab area, a storage room, a coat room, and a workspace or office for the Newton Teachers. Newton America works with each local Newton Room project team to develop custom solutions.