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mobile newton room

The Mobile Newton Room will demonstrate the Newton Concept in a new and innovative way, by inviting students from all over Europe to visit the high quality and inspiring STEM educational environment.
FIRST Scandinavia has partnered with The Boeing Company to expand its successful Newton Room concept to Europe. A key component of the Newton expansion is the innovative container solution; the Mobile Newton Room. 
This portable turn-key solution has the ability to create a temporary Newton Room anywhere in the world.

The Newton Concept - Shape the future trough great learning experiences

The Mobile Newton Room is made up of two expandable containers specially designed to fit on a ship, train, or truck. Needing only power and water source, they can be set up anywhere in the world. 

Each container expands to 35m2, meaning that each Mobile Newton Room provides 70m2 of high-quality and inspiring STEM education space.

The goal of the Mobile Newton Room is to demonstrate an exciting and quality-assured method of STEM education to communities around Europe. Local teachers will be trained in the Newton modules, and the education will be in the local language.

We are working with schools, government authorities and officials to ensure that the program is adapted to each community in a sustainable way. 
In each location, groups of local students between the age 10-18 will learn about mathematics, aviation, coding, or energy.
The innovative Mobile Newton Room is a fully equipped and portable classroom made up of two expandable containers. 
The container also contains a laboratory and three flight simulators.