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Scotland’s Newton Room Success

16 Dez 2019

Two successful Newton Rooms in Scotland have opened the door for more.
In the Highlands & Islands region of Scotland, both the Thurso and Fort William Newton Rooms launched in March and April 2019, respectively. Both rooms had an official opening ceremony event where Members of the Scottish Parliament, public body officials, local school teachers, and members of the business community were invited. 

Introducing Newton Modules to the community
Since the new academic term began in August 2019, students have participated in full-day Newton modules at both Newton Rooms. Primary 6 and 7 pupils (ages 10-12) participated in the module “Robotics and Mathematics” and Secondary 1 and 2 pupils (ages 12-14) participated in “Energy and Renewables”. 

So far 545 students have experienced the Newton concept in the two rooms in a total of 128 hours.

28 Newton module ‘taster sessions’ were run in the two Newton Rooms, to introduce the concept to schools, teachers and pupils and raise awareness of the Science Skills Academy project. Over 400 primary and secondary pupils took part.

Dingwall opens in 2020
Following the success of the two rooms, which are in the Caithness and Lochaber municipalities, respectively, Scotland’s third Newton Room, based in Dingwall, is currently being refurbished with the aim to launch in early 2020. Appraisals to identify the locations for the fourth and fifth Newton Rooms, based in the West Coast of the Highlands and Inverness, are also underway.

A package of STEM activity
In addition to running Newton modules, the local partner, Science Skills Academy, facilitates the use of the Newton Rooms by other STEM providers for a range of users in the local community, including:

● Family STEM Club
● Teacher training (CLPL) sessions
● Associated School Group (ASG) meetings
● STEM Ambassador training
● Space Camp Summer School
● Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast
● Meetings for local STEM industries/employers

Read more on Newton Scotland’s own site

FIRST Scandinavia has also partnered with The Boeing Company to expand its successful Newton Room concept to Europe. A key component of the Newton expansion is the innovative container solution; the Mobile Newton Room - a portable turn-key solution that can create a temporary Newton Room anywhere in the world.

Thurso main room 1 Foto_Angus Mackay.jpg
Main room in Thurso.

Fort William lab 2 Foto Paul Campbell.jpg
From the Newton Room in Fort Williams.

Last week the Newton administration from Norway visited Newton Scotland. April Conroy - SSA, Ashlie Malcolm - Newton teacher Fort William,  Dawn Gillies - Newton teacher in the temporary room in Inverness,  Aileen Simmonite - Newton teacher Thurso, Emily Brown