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Creating incredible learning experiences in Spain

18 Oct 2021

After weeks of construction, the Newton Room in Galicia opened to local school classes on Oct 19th.


Students from Cpr LA Merced were the first to visit the newly established Newton Room in Galicia on Oct 19th Starting their day at 9:30am, they spent the morning engaging with a lesson module developed by the Newton team called ‘Up in the Air with Numbers’. 
During the program, they will assist a virtual air search and rescue mission, create their own flight plan, and fly simulators.



 By noon, it was time for the formal opening ceremony, with representatives present from Tecnopole, Boeing, Xunta de Galicia, and FIRST Scandinavia.

– Opening a Newton Room places Tecnópole as a world leader in modern education. With that goal in mind, we have built a permanent space where Galician high school students will have the opportunity to live an incredible and breathtaking educational experience,” commented Tecnópole Director, Javier Taibo.


This is important for the future
The managing director of FIRST Scandinavia, Stian Elstad, was particularly proud to be present at the opening, given the previous success of Newton Room events in the region in 2019.

According to Elstad, the goal of the Newton Concept is to not only introduce students to STEM subjects, but also give them the skills and confidence they need for their future careers.

“Everyone has a talent, and everyone deserves access to an arena where they can explore and develop this talent. In our Newton Rooms, we offer students new ways to learn, where the joy of mastering education and collaboration with others are both crucial elements,” Elstad said. “In fact, investing in education is one of the most important investments of our time.”
“It's a true pleasure to welcome Spain, Galicia, and Ourense to our family of Newton Rooms. Hopefully, other cities and regions will look to Ourense and join the Newton network as well,” Elstad remarked.

"Establishing a Newton Room is a long-lasting community investment. Each room brings together diverse partners from local industry, municipal government, and  educational organizations with the shared goal of  providing high-quality and engaging STEM education experiences for students

“Thanks to our important collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia, and the support of FIRST Scandinavia, we are creating a revolutionary way of teaching STEM subjects that will give us the opportunity to reach the students living in this region,”  said Angela Natale, Boeing Managing Director for Southern Europe.