– Equipping a new school with technology for tomorrow

28 Oct 2021

Tomasz Kozera, director of the University of Technology in Łódź believes that Newton gives his students unique opportunities. 


"We are very pleased that -- thanks to the Newton Room -- modern technology enters the school and students will have the opportunity to combine the knowledge gained in theoretical classes with practical knowledge during laboratory tasks, '' said Tomasz Kozera, prinsipal of the Łódź University of Technology High School.


Tomasz Kozera, director of the University of Technology in Łódź.

On October 28th, Poland’s first permanent Newton Room opened at Łódź University of Technology.  Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia have extended their partnership with the university after a successful experience with a temporary “Pop-Up Newton Room'' in 2019 

Three modules
The students will have the possibility to experience three different STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education modules: Up in the Air with Numbers, Robots and Circumference, and Sustainable Biofuels.

“For young people, it is an opportunity to learn about work in a modern laboratory, and for the school, it is a great opportunity to start cooperation with international corporations. A project of local rank becomes not only a nationwide project, but also an international one” said Tomasz Kozera, prinsipal of the Łódź University of Technology High School.

Workforce for the future
The permanent Newton Room is supported by Boeing, and the learning modules are based on topics related to aviation to inspire young students towards science and technology. 

Rafal Stepnowsk, Vice-President Boeing Digital Solutions & Analytics Poland.

“We are thrilled by the extension of our partnership with the Łódź University of Technology. We hope that by supporting attractive educational experiences in the long term, we will inspire young girls and boys for aviation and maybe see them join our growing team in Poland someday” Vice-President Boeing Digital Solutions & Analytics Poland, Rafal Stepnowski says.

A great partner
Alysia Tofflemire is the Executive Director of NewtonRoom gGmbH, FIRST Scandinavia’s continental European office, and spoke at the opening ceremony. 

“The Łódź University of Technology High School has proven to be a great partner to introduce the Newton concept to Poland. During the entire process, we have been impressed by the passionate and engaged staff and teachers. Building on the success of the pop-up event in 2019, we feel honoured to work together to inspire young students with high-quality STEM education,” she says. 



Alysia Tofflemire, Executive Director of NewtonRoom gGmbH.


The fantastic team of teachers and instructors at Newton Łódź



This is how the Newton Room in Łódź looks like