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The 2022 Annual Impact Report shows continued success for Newton

20 Jun 2023

In 2022 the Newton Concept reached 58,225 children and youth in 13 countries.


Our first Annual Impact Report shows that 2022 was a year of great success for the Newton Concept, having reached almost 60,000 children and youth around the world. 

Since 2003, FIRST Scandinavia and its partners have helped young people develop critical skills and knowledge and gain the confidence and support they will need to succeed in the future. To date, we have reached over 370,000 children and youth through our Newton Rooms.

Some highlights from our 2022 report include the following:
• 7 new rooms were established in 4 different countries. 

• 2,586 module sessions were delivered worldwide

• the Mobile and Pop-Up Newton Rooms visited 22 locations

• 58,225 students visited a Newton Room


Read and download the full report


“As we reflect on our activities in 2022, we are proud to report that the Newton Concept continues to have a significant impact within the global education sector. Our mission is to provide high-quality education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for young people of all backgrounds and nationalities,” says the Managing Director of FIRST Scandinavia, Stian Elstad.



In November, the Mobile Newton Room was located at the Walqa Technological Park in Spain.
Photo credit: Giste Producciones

Among other highlights, the 2022 Annual Impact Report demonstrates the continued success of our temporary STEM classrooms by showcasing the 11 locations the Mobile Newton Rooms visited in Europe last year.


The success of the newly opened Newton Room in Angers, France, is also documented in the report. There, local Newton Teachers conducted 62 module sessions featuring two Newton Modules: We Explore Energy! and Robots and Circumference, attracting 1066 student visitors from area schools and community centres throughout the year. 


In addition to this, you will find information about other Newton Rooms worldwide and their impact in their communities. You will also find important updates about our partnerships, educational programming, and other news from the organisation.



The Newton Room in Angers, France opened at the Félix Landreau Middle School in June 2022Photo credit: Fédération Léo Lagrange.