The Newton Concept expands to Rzeszów

24 May 2022

Since 2019, 1500 students in Poland have experienced the Newton Concept. A Pop-Up Newton Room opens today at the Rzeszów University of Technology, giving even more students this unique opportunity.




For the next three weeks, 500 students from the Rzeszów area will visit the pop-up Newton Room at the university to engage in hands-on STEM education.

Last October, Boeing, and FIRST Scandinavia opened a permanent Newton Room in Łódź after having successfully organized a pop-up event in 2019.

Equipping a new school with technology for tomorrow


A Pop-Up Newton Room is a temporary, fully equipped, classroom that can be deployed at any suitable facility. In Rzeszów, the Pop-Up is based at a canteen-turned-event space in the center of the university’s buzzing campus.



CURIOUS. Podkarpackie Governor Dr Ewa Leniart talks with the students participating in the aviaton module.


The aviation module

At the Rzeszów University of Technology, local students aged 13 to 16 will participate in one of Newton’s most popular modules: Up in the Air with Numbers.

During the three hour module, the students receive a mission from a rescue coordination center located in northern Norway. Their task is to complete a series of mathematical calculations to create a flight plan, which they will then fly themselves on an advanced flight simulator.  The module is led by a team of educators and students from the university, as well as employees from Boeing. 
An opening ceremony was held on the afternoon of May 24th to introduce local stakeholders to the Newton Concept and showcasing the educational model used in Newton Rooms around the world.  

Attending the ceremony was Podkarpackie Governor Dr Ewa Leniart, Podkarpackie Governor Stanisław Kruczek, Director at Boeing Poland Rafał Stepnowski, Managing Director at Newton Europa Stian Elstad and Prof. Jarosław Sęp – Vice-Rector for Development and Business Cooperation, First Deputy Rector of Rzeszów University of Technology. 



DIRECTOR OF BOEING. "We are delighted that our partnership with FIRST Scandinavia and Rzeszów University of Technology will help inspire the younger generations and promote talent. The Newton Room increases students' interest in science by enabling them to apply the knowledge they gain at school to real-life pilot tasks. Such an experience can have a key impact on students' later career choices, said Rafał Stepnowski, Director of Boeing Poland. Here is the Boeing Director with the 4 flight instructors from Boeing.




GREAT PARTNERSHIPS MAKES OPPORTUNITIES. Stian Elstad, Managing Director Newton Europe at FIRST Scandinavia said that FIRST Scandinavia thinks that every student has talent and a desire for knowledge and that they all need and deserve arenas where they can explore and continue to develop this.  And hope that for the next three weeks, the pop-up Newton Room can inspire students here in Rzeszow. He also thanked Boeing and Rzeszow university for making the event happen.



IMPORTANT. Prof. Jarosław Sęp – Vice-Rector for Development and Business Cooperation, First Deputy Rector of Rzeszów University of Technology (to the right), said that the presence of the Newton Room lab is important to Rzeszow University of Technology for several reasons. Firstly, it shows the university as a leader in educating the best specialists in the aviation industry. Secondly, it points to opportunities for students to develop their competencies in cooperation with leading corporations like Boeing and supporting institutions like FIRST Scandinavia. Thirdly, it gives an internal impulse to seek state-of-the-art solutions applied in the industry in terms of both education and scientific research" - said