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30 Sep 2019

Are you a teacher and want a more practical approach to science? Bring your students to a Newton Room.

The Newton concept is developed by the foundation FIRST Scandinavia and gives students a practical approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The teaching in a Newton Room is varied and focuses on learning through practical activities. The activities provide opportunities for exploration and in-depth inquiry-based learning. Newton’s educational managers develop the educational programs and train local teachers to conduct the teaching in the Newton Room.  

Introducing Newton to Europe together with Boeing

Offered to students in Spain in October
In October a Mobile Newton Room will visit the city of Lugo in Spain. School-classes in Lugo can visit the Mobile Newton Room and experience a demo-version of the module «Up in the air with numbers». During the half-day program, the students will create a flight plan and fly in simulators.

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Focus on practical learning

Markus Bjerkenes and his team are responsible for the training of Newton teachers. He has background from the educational system and has worked as a teacher for many years. 

– In order for the students to have the highest learning outcome, we choose activities that are linked to relevant theory and that relates to one another. For instance, when the students create and plan a flight route, and fly the simulators – the mathematical concepts are in focus, he says.

The teaching conducted in Spain is appropriate for students between 14 and 16 years old and will last for three hours. There is room for 16 students in one session.

Is the Newton Concept coming to your country?