Newton Lodz opens in three weeks!

05 Oct 2021

This summer FIRST Scandinavia signed agreements with the Lodz Technical University.


Two years ago, FIRST Scandinavia visited Lodz Technical University, with the Pop-up Newton Room.


Nov 5th, 2019: Grand opening in Poland 



Boeing and FIRST Scandinavia have extended their partnership with the Łódź University of Technology to implement a permanent version of the room. The room is currently being built at the exact same location as the Pop-up Newton Room. Three teachers are already employed as Newton Teachers, and undergoing training. 


The opening ceremony will take place on Oct 28th, with guest representatives from local authorities, Boeing, FIRST Scandinavia, and more. 


SAME LOCATION. Newton Lodz will be at the same location the Pop-up Newton Room was in 2019. When the room opens Oct 28th, it will be renovated and well designed, as a permanent Newton Room.


From pop-up to permanent

This is the second permanent room to be launched in collaboration with Boeing in Europe. On September 28th we could reveal that Spain’s first Newton Room, Newton Galicia, will open on Oct 19th.



“The Mobile Newton Rooms and the Pop-Up Newton Rooms give us a unique chance to demonstrate our education concept to municipalities that would otherwise not get the chance to experience it. Of course, it also gives children the chance to have a really different school day with exciting and new learning experiences”, says Alysia Tofflemire, Executive Director of NewtonRoom gGmbH.


The students in the region will have the possibility to explore new STEM concepts across different topics, which will enhance their educational experience.

EXCITED. Executive Director of NewtonRoom gGmbH, Alysia Tofflemire, is looking forward to opening in Poland this month!

All photos: FIRST Scandinavia