Newton Denmark

15 Oct 2018

The Newton concept, developed in Norway since 2004, has proven itself well enough to expand outside of Norwegian borders.

With assistance from Newton’s strategic international partner The Boeing Company, the first Newton Room outside of Norway was established in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Newton Room, opened in 2015, provides a state-of-the-art and well-equipped classroom environment that stimulates students desire and interest in STEM and related programmes. The Hvidovre Newton Room boasts approximately 200m2 of inspiring learning space for students from the 9 surrounding schools to study STEM using curriculum-based and carefully-designed Newton modules. The topics available at the Newton Room are “Robots and Mathematics”, “Robots and Mathematics II”, and “Energy”, and are all taught by a competent Newton teacher.

The class's permanent teacher follows the class and is also able to learn during the visit to the Newton Room. Before the visit, the students have prepared the visit and work on the subject after the visit.

For further information regarding the contents of the module, booking and contact person, please visit: Newton Room Hvidovre, Copenhagen (available in Danish).