– Working with STEM in an exploratory way is worth its weight in gold!

19 Jan 2021

Concludes Martin Madsen after only one week in the Mobile Newton Room.

Martin Madsen is 26 years old and holds a master’s degree in civil engineering specialized in chemistry and materials technology, with additional education in pedagogy. He has lived and worked in Vadsø, Norway since last summer – and loves it there.

Maintains the containers
The civil engineer plays an essential role in the Mobile Newton Room project in northern Norway, which Sparebank1 Nord-Norge makes possible through their social responsibility Samfunnsløftet.

In addition to being the contact person between the Newton administration and Vadsø municipality, he is responsible for maintaining the mobile classroom and conducting teaching there.

The Mobile Newton Room - a portable classroom


– What I look forward to the most is working with the pupils who will solve the tasks in the modules. Talking to them while they work, and follow the conversations they have between themselves during sessions. It will be very exciting to see the effect the Newton Room will have on the pupils. It is fun to learn new ways of teaching, says the committed Madsen (to the right in the picture).

Newton Teachers – A resource for the whole municipality

There are three modules offered in the Mobile Newton Room, with different target age groups. Pupils from primary school are given the opportunity to explore mathematics with the help of programming robots, while pupils from upper secondary school are given the opportunity to explore the concept of energy with the help of practical tools.

– The equipment in the container is more advanced than what we have access to in school, so the pupils get the opportunity to work with something new, he concludes.

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