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Young students engaging other students!

09 Dec 2021

Meet Patrick and Olivia, two of the flight simulator instructors in Newton Łódź.

On October 28th, Poland’s first permanent Newton Room opened at Łódź University of Technology High School.  In addition to the 3 Newton Teachers leading education in different STEM topics, the school has engaged several of their own students to be flight simulator instructors.


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TEACHERS AND INSTRUCTORS. Here is the whole team of Newton Teachers and instructors at Newton Łódź . Patrick and Olivia are number two and three from the left on the front row.
The instructors job
Two of them, Patrick Głogowski and Olivia Miazek, are both eager to participate in the program. 
Their job is to help the students in the educational module "Up in the Air with Numbers", where the students take on a virtual air search and rescue mission on an advanced flight simulator. 

First, the school classes prepare for their flight by carrying out mathematical calculations, learning how to navigate, and finally planning the flight route. The final step is flying the route on the simulator, and this is where the instructors come in. The instructors teach the students everything they need to know; taking off, flying, reading the instruments, and landing. During the flight, they guide the students through the route and assist in observations.
Develop skills
Olivia and Patrick look forward to helping their fellow students.
Patrick actually participated as a student in the Pop-Up Newton Room in 2019, and enjoyed the simulator.
“Now I am really excited to be one of the instructors, and to help and guide my younger friends. In the future I want to study at military flight school in Dublin, and I think Newton Room will help me to get there and to make my passion and dreams come true”, he says.
"I want to develop my skills in flying and on the simulators. I also want to work directly with younger students who will get to fly on the simulators,” Olivia says.
Tomasz Kozera, principal of the Łódź University of Technology High School is pleased with this arrangement.
“We are very happy our students can help their peers understand the concepts connected with flying a plane. In this way they develop their communication and presentation skills and also learn responsibility and cooperation, which will be very useful in their future careers.

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