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Operation and ownership

The concept owner FIRST Scandinavia are looking to attract partnership with Newton Operational Partners (NOP) in each country. 
The partnership gives the NOP the opportunity to become part of a strong, proven, and growing concept.

The NOP will be the first line of contact and is responsible for the proliferation of Newton Rooms in the respective country as well as establishing partnerships with a national educational institution for quality assurance of Newton Modules developed in the country.
in norway
The Newton Rooms in Norway are owned and operated locally by municipalities, county councils, and businesses.

The regional educational authority is essential for successful Newton operations. It is the education authority who allocates educational resources, adapting them to the needs of the local region.

Newton is established in close cooperation with the local business community and is run by a local operations group. The group is composed of school leaders, Newton Teachers, and others who are an appropriate fit for the Newton Room. 

Local businesses often provide financial support for Newton Room equipment. 
The partnership with FIRST Scandinavia gives the NOP opportunity to use the Newton brand in order to attract investors and sponsorships from industry partners or government. The NOP will pay an annual fee per Newton Room to FIRST Scandinavia, the owner of the concept. 

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