Newton network

Everyone associated with a Newton Room is part of a national and international network. School authorities, Newton Teachers, and administrative leaders contribute to and benefit from shared resources so that children and young people have amazing STEM experiences.
The network’s most important resource is Newton’s shared digital platform, which provides a description of the concept, local websites, sign-up and evaluation system, and the graphic design and branding manual.

There is also a Newton module library, as well as resources for developing new modules. This is how we ensure that quality teaching programes are shared amongst our network. Active participation in the network provides motivation, inspiration, and access to valuable best practices. 

Our Concept is growing internationally, do you want to be a part of our network?

Newton Administration Team
The Newton administration team is part of the FIRST Scandinavia team and serves as the network’s hub and support. The administration team actively contributes to the establishment of new Newton Rooms and provides resources and assistance to the network for teaching, operations and equipment.
Newtwork 1.jpg
Participants on the Newton Network conference in Norway in 2019.
annual schedule for our Norwegian network: 
• January: Introduction course for new Newton Teachers
• February: Webinar for school authorities
• March: Newton course for all Newton Teachers
• October: Newton network conference in Norway